A lot can change in a year…..

Isn’t that the truth?

Believe me when I tell you, I will NEVER forget my maternity leave. Babies tend to change your life. I remember late in my pregnancy, my coworkers “tried” to give me tangible examples of this. Most of my coworkers are heading into grandbaby-territory, so of course, I arrogantly concluded that they were out of touch with today’s parent. Babies WILL change your life. Fact.

Mabel changed my life more than she’ll ever know (unless, she’s reading this)…..but by then, she’ll be a teenager and think that I suck and won’t care if she’s had any impact on my life. But she did. And I’m not talking about being sleep deprived or walking around with snot on my clothes, I mean deeper sense of purpose type stuff. Genetic type stuff. Biology.

I met my biological family this year. What???? I know, right? Now if you’re a Gladdie (ringette girls), this story is getting redundant, so feel free to stop reading! Babies give you courage you never thought you had. You are a mother first and someone’s child second. Therefore, if things go sideways on the whole finding-your-birth-parents-thing, you’ve still got the mother gig nailed down. Mabel is one-part me and one-part some dude from the States we’ve never met. He looked VERY nice on paper however? Erin was super gracious about giving me a biological connection to our child. Being adopted, I never had a genetic link. I really wanted to feel that……. and I can never repay Erin for giving me that.

Erin’s awesomeness doesn’t stop there. I credit her for that FINAL push to contact my biological family. I had all the information. I had had this information for years. And now I have a child who is at least “part” me. Maybe Mabel deserves for me to at least try? So, I did.

Here is Mabel’s Grandma D….


And great Grandpa Jack…….


It was all going so well…….that is, until Grandma dropped Mabel in the lake (she’s going to kill me for this)….

GrandmaD2Ok, AS IF I’m serious!

It was magic. It was easy. It was unexpected.

It was worthy of a mere 9 hour documentary-style video produced by Erin. Ok, maybe not quite 9 hours, but those of you who have seen it, probably just laughed, right? The video was THOROUGH, and good, and amazing, and accurate, and sincere. Again, Erin trumps me on the awesomeness-meter. I have good traits, I’m sure of it……anyways, back to ME!

Growing up adopted is a very subjective thing. I don’t think it’s fair to paint families with the same brush. Especially mine. Without, “mushing up” my blog, I think my family situation is fairly unique? Perhaps even a little sad. And, certainly Mabel upped the ante in the quest for family connectedness. We all want to belong, to have people that depend on us and that we depend on. I desperately want and crave for Mabel to have that in her life. It’s been my inspiration this past year………and sometimes that leap of faith is far more amazing than you ever imagined.

It certainly was for me.

Mabel has a cousin. That is the most amazing thing to say out loud! Mabel does have cousins on Erin’s side. She also has grandparents, aunts, uncles and a lot of extended family that have opened their hearts and homes to us on several occasions. I am eternally grateful for that. She has always had 1/2 of the love circle…….but now (for me anyways), that love circle is complete.

2014……….I dare you to top that!





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