Is that a Slow Clap?

So, for the past couple of weeks, Mabel has been clapping. It’s the cutest thing EVER! Well, maybe not quite as cute as this…….

cute pic

….but it’s hard to trump a random internet newbie/puppy combination?

So, as a runner-up on the cuteness meter, Mabel is clapping. She gets this big toothy grin (and by this, I mean 2 teeth), brings her arms in super tight  and claps those mini arms so fast, it’s kind of like watching CeeLo Green on the Voice?

Cute right? I mean Mabel, not CeeLo. Definitely NOT CeeLo.


The clapping started out pretty routine. She’d feed herself with a spoon….and clap. She’d put away a toy……..and clap. She’d hand you something……..and clap. Standard stuff. And then her mommies, like circus monkeys, would always imitate the CeeLo clapping with a big “Yaaaaayyyy,” “good job,” or “whoop whoop” to let her know her clapping has now propelled her into the genius-category. Obviously? Well, baby Einstein has kicked it up a notch. I think Mabes has figured out the Slow Clap? If you don’t know what the slow clap is, google any Wiserhood Canadian Whiskey commercial and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a mock clap. And our 1 year old is doing it.

So, our morning routine is this…..Mabel cries, and depending on who drew the short straw that morning, one of us gets up to change the baby beast. Then, a diaper-fresh Mabel appears in bed for some morning num nums and ending with Bubble Guppies on Netflix so the mommies can have a few more minutes of sleepy pie. And before you go getting all “judgey,” on pacifying our child with cartoons, I challenge you to watch one full episode of the Bubble Guppies and tell me you didn’t learn something???

So, Erin draws the short straw. She gets up to give Mabel her morning hugs, tummy rubs and a clean diaper. Just as she’s fastening up the sides of the diaper, Mabes gives Erin the Wiserhood slow clap? Kind of like, “good job momma!” Ok, um thanks? “So, Mabes just clapped when I did up her diaper.” Ha. “Well, must mean you did a good job?” Erin passes Mabel off to me like a football. Morning num nums! Mabel comes at me like a blind shark. This makes me laugh EVERY morning. Like, Mabel couldn’t possibly find the food source unless she’s thrashing around with the smell of chum in the water? Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m not the most well-endowed, so who can blame sharky for the search and rescue mission? I get it.

So, the mini finally finds what she’s looking for and I sleep sitting up. Everyone is content. Once Mabel is finished, she looks up at me, I see those 2 teeth…and I know what’s coming. The slow clap. Seriously? How many Wiserhood commercials has she watched? I did laugh out loud, though…….so of course this encouraged her. Then, all too soon, the moment was over and she was looking past me to my iPhone to watch Bubble Guppies.

I love this kid……..can I get an Amen?!

hands up







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