An Ode to Jo

Truthful admissions by my favourite 9 year old, Jo(ah)….

Jo and his brother, Ollie won the parent lottery. I mean, literally won the big ticket prize. Their super awesome parents make it look easy, although they’d tell you different. And being the super awesome parents they are, they decided to take an honest approach in explaining the dynamic between Erin-Mabel-Me. The boys know Mabel has 2 moms, but……..why does Mabel have 2 moms? “So, are Erin and Meghan just best friends?” You know the drill, 9 and 11 year olds are curious little sponges! And gawd bless them for that! Wouldn’t it be incredibly awesome to be 9 for a day and ask all those taboo questions??? I would totally have a grocery list of questions for Chaz Bono? And Cher for that matter. Like, seriously, you didn’t think the name Chastity would cause some issues? Hello…….backfire? So, Jo’s super, awesome parents sat their boys down (well, I’m not sure if anyone was actually sitting, but the metaphor works) and explained the different family possibilities, ie. mom-dad, mom-mom, dad-dad……..and this is all a-ok. Love is love. Brillant! Only hiccup, these curious little sponges have opinions! Sometimes, these might surprise you? And sometimes (mostly when you’ve forgotten to put on that emotional jockstrap), their opinions go right for the junk. Case in point, Jo’s reaction…..“well, two moms would be WAY better than two dads?!” Now, I’m sure given the option, their dad, Dwayne, would have preferred a swift kick to the coconuts? See previous statement on super, awesome parents….Dwayne rocks the dad-thing like no other. But, unfortunately, to a 9 year old, if those are my options, I want two moms!

Thank you for our tagline little man.

Jo, your mommy’s “besties” love you.






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